Dried Galangal

Galangal is rich in active compounds that are beneficial for health. These are the benefits of galangal as an herbal medicine that you must know. galangal is easy to find in the garden or yard. Not surprisingly, besides being a spice for cooking galangal it is also useful as an herbal medicine. Just so you know, galangal kerab has been used as a raw material for herbal medicine since time immemorial. Chemical content of galangal Launching the Top 100 Indonesian Medicinal Plants Book published by the Research and Development Center for Medicinal and Traditional Medicinal Plants (B2P2TOOT) of the Ministry of Health's Balitbangkes in 2011, part of the galangal plant used is its rhizome. The galangal rhizome contains approximately 1% essential oil with the main components: Kamfer Sineol Sinarmic metal acid This essential oil will appear if the galangal rhizome is sliced ​​or pounded. Meanwhile, in the Book of Traditional Medicinal Plants Volume 2 (1992) by Thomas A. N. S., it is explained that galangal does not only contain essential oils. Galangal also contains the following chemical compounds: Flying oil Eugenol Sesquiterpen Pinen Methyl cinnamate Kaemferida Shipyard Galangol Yellow crystal Health benefits of galangal Due to the chemical compounds it contains, galangal is considered to have a number of health benefits. Here are some of them: