Coriander (Coriandrum sativum) is a popular spice. The small fruit is dried and traded, whether crushed or not. The shape that is not ground is similar to a pepper, like small seeds 1-2 mm in diameter. Coriander has a distinctive aroma. This aroma is caused by the chemical components present in the essential oil of coriander. The main component of coriander essential oil is linalool, with other supporting components such as geraniol, geranil acetate and camphor. [1] In the drug trade it is called the fructus coriandri. In English it is known as coriander and in Latin America it is known as cilantro. This plant originates from Southern Europe and around the Caspian Sea. Various types of traditional Indonesian dishes often use spices in the form of hard-flavored seeds called coriander. With the addition of these spices, the aroma of cooking will be more pronounced. Not only the seeds are often used in cooking. The leaves, which are compound like celery, are often thinly sliced ​​and used as a topping in dishes such as Thai soups and salads. In that country, cilantro is given the name phak chee. Similar to the seeds, cilantro also has a strong aroma. Usually, this plant is planted in gardens of lowland and mountainous areas. This plant can reach a height of 1.3 m. [2] The leaves are green with serrated edges. Meanwhile, the compound flowers are in the form of stacked umbrellas in white and pink. For fruit, almost round in shape, yellow in layers. When ripe, the fruit is shed easily. After that, the fruit is dried.