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We are engaged in the selection, procurement, processing, trading and supply of various spices from Indonesia to the global market in a Sustainable way. Our business activities includes origin selection, transporting, sortating, hand-picking packing and export of single spices –

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Factory & Laboratirium

All our spices are sourced in a sustainable way in Indonesia, from various locations the spices will be transported in the most efficient way to our headquarter and processing site in SOLO, central Java.

Our factory is equipped with a laboratory and the newest machineries to process the spices.

Our Mission

We want to have a positive economic and social impact on local communities, increased farmers income  and  social  coherence.  To  provide  the assurance  that our  customers can procure their products according to their needs and specifications. We do not aim to become the largest exporter but to be  a  trusted,  and  reliable partner,  as  well  as a sustainable source in the spices business.

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