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a suitable choice for those of you partnering with us because we can provide the needs of the spices factory project for wholesaler, retailer or owner company from Asia, America, and Europe .


Product Quality Guarantee

Our prices are very negotiable for b2b or retailer pickings, and are very favorable to buyers

product requests

  • please request what products you need from spices, herbs and spices, all available in Indonesia, this service does not exist in this company.


Frequently Asked Questions

Since 2015, having an office in Solo, 
Indonesia, has served various large local and international companies,
especially Korea, China, Dubai, Malaysia, Europe, especially Germany.
we have some of the best seller stock of the buyer's favorite,
one of our best products such as black pepper powder, white pepper powder,
cloves, nutmeg powder, vanilla, white sesame seeds and black sesame seeds
Of course it is very possible, because we work with 150 local farmers 
in Indonesia,
who will always be loyal to supply our warehouse materials
Currently we only accept LC (letter of credit) and T/T 
downpayments of at least 30-50%, but all of that is a negotiation.
We have certificates from BPOM Indonesia, COO, COA, FDA, Pyotosanry
very receptive, lots of buyers who OEM with us, about the design you choose with the wishes of your company