Add Your Heading Text HereGinger is a plant that includes spices with the Latin name Zingiber Officinale. Ginger is very beneficial for everyday life, especially in the health sector. Ginger is known to come from Asia Pacific which spread from India to China. In Indonesia, the ginger plant is relatively easy to find and its use has expanded not only for cooking, but also for health and beauty. The benefits of ginger for the face have also begun to be recognized by the wider community not only in Indonesia but also abroad. From the type, shape, rhizome size, and color, ginger is divided into three types, namely large white ginger, small white ginger, and red ginger. Ginger can be planted in land that has an altitude of 200-600 meters above sea level with an average rainfall of 2,500-4,000 mm / year. However, in general, ginger in Indonesia is only grown in the yard of the house and its use is limited to household consumption. Based on the University of Indonesia journal entitled Analysis of Ginger Plant Content, the Chinese have used ginger for 2500 years for digestive medicine, anti-nausea, rheumatism, overcoming bleeding, snake bites, respiratory problems and even baldness. In Indonesia, ginger is often found as an ingredient in herbal medicine as a medicine to increase immunity levels, such as helping to overcome colds and colds. In addition, reported from the book 365 Tips for Women, the benefits of ginger for the face are also known to help reduce acne. The trick is to consume ginger juice. The benefits of ginger for the face can also be found in the cosmetics of mothers because it turns out that ginger has the ability to produce essential oils which are usually used as a mixture of cosmetic raw materials as antioxidants and antiseptics. However, consumption of ginger for body consumption needs to be considered. Given that ginger is hot and strong, excessive consumption of this can actually disturb the digestion of you and your family.

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