Cinnamon Roll

CINNAMON Origin from, Indonesia cinnamon stick or also called dalchini. Made from cassia bark, this cinnamon stick has a familiar classic taste. Great for tea and cakes, can be used whole or broken into small pieces. A popular aroma, the spice cinnamon is also used as a natural potpourri. 2 3/4 “Long Cinnamon health benefits: many studies show that cinnamon helps blood sugar a great choice for people with diabetes and hypoglycemic It reduces LDL cholesterol levels. LDL is also known as dangerous cholesterol Can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. where to buy the best and quality Cinnmon is in the Indonesian export hall click below to get current special rates. – Specification Cinnamon : – Erosion : clean – Color : reddish brown – Taste : typical cinnamon – Whole insects die : insect free – Mammalian excrement : free of mammal excrement – Other animal feces : free from other animal waste – Moldy cinnamon content : free of mold – Insect contamination : insect contamination free – Foreign material : free of foreign material – Water content : 13.10% – Ash content, dry base : 4.72% – Sand content, dry base : 0.22% B2B Maks order : 18 Metric ton Packing : Bulky per 25kg with carton box,full bubble wraping FOB, Tanjung emas port,semarang, Indonesia